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Desiree D'Cruz

As founder of Acegirl Innovation Lab, I am excited to empower modern mums to excel in their professional endeavours while providing them with continued support in their breastfeeding journeys.


Prior to taking this giant leap, I had 15 years’ experience in business, particularly in the investments and financial services industries. I was also a fund director and head of operations in a hedge fund, with extensive experience in business operations, risk, compliance and financial strategy. Within my previous company, I worked in a team that was in the growth stages, executing strategy and initiating strategic partnerships and operations. In addition, I was also a founding member of a non for profit, which also gave me invaluable skills creating an organisation from the ground up.


Every experience has converged to this point and Acegirl was inevitably founded in 2022. She is an impact driven company that sets out to achieve a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



outerspace is a multidisciplinary product development company with over thirty years of collective experience developing products across various sectors, including medical devices and scientific instruments across a broad range of speciality areas. The team comprise of experts in program and systems engineering, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and firmware design.

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