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Acegirl was born out of personal experiences. I wanted to continue breastfeeding like I did on maternity leave and I wanted to thrive in my career when I returned to work.

The model for success I saw was that I had to choose one over the other to excel, and I simply refused to accept that. Scheduling time around pickups and drop offs were already challenging. Pumping at work to keep up my milk supply, to prevent mastitis and blocked ducts while juggling work was
the tipping point. I also didn't have a nanny or grandparents to help. There were just so many obstacles in front of working mums, and from a breastfeeding point of view, a large part of the problem was the product itself. Women have to hide to pump. Even products that claim to be handsfree fit unnaturally around the breast so they are not great in the workplace. On top of that, hearing so many other stories of mums giving up breastfeeding prematurely because they could not juggle work and pumping really drove me to take this giant leap.


Breastfeeding can be a sensitive topic for some. It is my mission to be mum’s Acegirl, to empower all modern women
who want to breastfeed, to be provided with the right support to help them along the way, so they can continue breastfeeding for as long as they choose to.

Acegirl Story
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